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COVID-19 Update

This last month has been a very trying period for us all and I truly hope that you all have got through it so far without going stir crazy, illness to family members or negative financial impact. Reflecting on the last month, I can truly say it has made me think about how we operate, how I see things and to be grateful for what we have and what we are able to do. 

It has certainly been a trying time for us as a company, with all trading and delivery coming to an abrupt halt and without knowing when we will be able to start again - it is a worrying time. We have built up a fantastic clientele and a full schedule in the last 7 months through hard work, dedication and support from those around us and sadly I think it will require a lot more once we reach the other side of this virus. 

I sincerely hope that the clients that have been loyal and present in the building process of the goalkeeping company we have today, continue that same loyalty and journey with us after the lockdown. We will certainly need you and all the support we can to ensure we maintain the business in the state that we were before this pandemic. 

Dan Martin - Company Director

Our Action Plan

It is unknown how long we will face restrictions like the ones we face currently, however what we do know and what we can plan for is how we are going to move forward & support our clients in the future - no matter when it that is.  

Online Support

From Monday 4th May, we are providing extended support to all goalkeepers of all ages by offering;

30 or 60 minute goalkeeping training plans
30 or 60 minute coaching sessions via video link. 

To book sessions or buy training plans email us at:
[email protected]

Alternatively, click here to contact us.

Goalie Warz

As soon as we have confirmed information regarding the removal of the social distancing restrictions, we will announce dates for our Goalie Warz tournaments to take place. 

This will certainly provide ample opportunity to get the children playing again, especially considering the cancellation of the 2019-20 football season and as of yet no set date for the 2020-21 season. 

We will endeavour to inform you at the earliest opportunity when we know further guidelines and make any further confirmed decisions. 

Return of Weekly Sessions

As soon as the lockdown restrictions are lifted, we will be resuming our weekly  2-1's sessions.  

Our group sessions will more than likely start slightly later if the social distancing is still in place but we will look to resume these at the earliest opportunity.

These sessions may resume at an alternative venue or on grass - but we will send out confirmations and updates closer to the time. 


We wanted to share some bright moments with you all, so enjoy some images sent to us, of our goalkeepers working hard at home during the lockdown... If you have any images or videos you want to share with us feel free to tweet, tag, share or send them to us.